Amish Hardwood Cabinets

We are Old Order Amish

In our true Amish tradition, the quality of our work is reflected in our patience and self determination that we put not just into our work, but into our life as well. We work hard to give our customer the custom Amish cabinetry that will fit the needs of our customers’ new homes or home remodeling projects.

Various Wood Types

We have the ability to produce cuts of wood not only for added stability, but to also give an additional decorative appearance to our custom Amish cabinets. We can use specific woods such as a soft maple (a good wood for painted projects) to produce modern kitchen cabinets for a new home remodel project.

Custom Cabinets

We have built many custom cabinets for clients, who want beauty and high quality paired with functionality in their kitchen cabinets. Only using furniture grade wood in our complete single unit cabinets, gives the strength and durability customers should expect when choosing a custom cabinet maker.

The Professional Choice

Amish Custom Cabinets also works closely with Cameo Countertops, a professional countertop company that provides excellent service and quality products.

We look forward to working with our clients to create the look they desire for their cabinets!

Some of our most popular hardwoods used in Amish cabinetry and the creations that go with them are:

  1. Hickory Cabinets
  2. Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
  3. Walnut Cabinets
  4. Red Oak Entertainment Centers
  5. White Oak Cabinets
  6. Grey Elm Cabinets
  7. Ash Vanity Cabinets
  8. Mahogany Cabinets

We specialize in building and designing the following custom cabinets made in either classic or modern styles of Amish cabinetry:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Vanity Cabinets
  3. Curio Cabinets
  4. Bar Cabinets
  5. Media Cabinets
  6. Medicine Cabinets
  7. Wine Cabinets
  8. Sink Cabinets
  9. Wall Cabinets
  10. Hutches

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