Amish Hardwood Cabinets

Amish Kitchen Cabinets


True custom Amish kitchen cabinets are handcrafted and designed to meet our clients’ everyday needs. We have produced hundreds of complete custom cabinet units for individuals looking for high quality products with great kitchen cabinets functionality. We only use quality furniture-grade wood that customers have selected from a one of our trusted lumber yards. We design and handcraft each one of a kind kitchen cabinet set for from our wood shop in the small Amish community of Fredericktown, Ohio.

As a testament to our dedication to our craft, we offer premium cut lumber for custom made cabinets. Quartersawn white oak can show a prominent ray fleck, which provides a beautiful decorative effect in the cabinets. The term quartersawn refers to a method of cutting, specifically, White Oak and is an option when selecting that wood species. The quartersawn cut provides greater stability, decreased warping, and less shrinkage.

Our Amish Kitchen Cabinet Techniques

We use the techniques of tongue, groove and dovetail to provide a product that is long lasting, superior in strength. Customers will not find any staples or nails, for we only use glue and pocket screws in the process of piecing together our custom cabinets.

Our Amish Kitchen Cabinet Products

Your kitchen cabinet is built as one large unit to provide strength and structural stability. In doing so, this method allows for a smoother installation and easy kitchen countertop placement. We offer a wide variety of cabinets, and are willing to work with customers who have a need in mind that is not mentioned on our site.

  1. Floor Storage Base Cabinet
  2. Kitchen Sink Cabinet
  3. Kitchen Pantry Cabinet
  4. Overhead Wall Mount Kitchen Cabinet
  5. Island Cabinet
  6. Overhead Ceiling Mount Island Cabinet
  7. Corner Kitchen Hutches
  8. High and Low Kitchen Hutches
  9. China Cabinets


Our Amish kitchen cabinets, made in the Old Order Amish tradition, can be the perfect addition to your kitchen remodeling project or new home design. Creating custom cabinets is our hobby and making lifelong friends in the process is our profession.

Not only do our clients love our custom cabinet craftsmanship, but they learn to truly appreciate our Amish wood working heritage while getting to know us.

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