Amish Hardwood Cabinets

Old Order Amish Custom Cabinets
Traditions and Methods

True Craftsmanship is Found in Old Order Amish Custom Cabinets

Strong, solid wood is used in the Amish way of furniture construction, and that is what we use in the making of custom Amish cabinets. Quartersawn wood is used in the making of Old Order Amish kitchen cabinets. The absence of materials such as particleboard and laminates is one of the many ways in which their work sets them apart from other cabinet makers. The distinctiveness of high quality work is found among the Amish, and they believe that the texture and detail of the wood are an important part of the selection process. We are no different in their methods of cabinet making, and they pay close attention to the quality of materials they use.

Not only are the materials of a better quality than found in typical cabinet-making (and a wider variety of wood types available), but their quality of work is different. The Amish are a hardworking people, and pay attention to the small things. This is why their work is in high demand-their dedication to working and focus on details and quality create a product that people are proud to have in their homes.


The Amish Custom Cabinet Making Process

Expert Amish cabinet makers build their own wood components in their woodshops. Using traditional, time-tested methods of construction including dovetail joints, their cabinets are sturdy and feature a lifetime guarantee on construction and hardware (handles, knobs, hinges, etc). Each piece of furniture is hand sanded, stained, finished, and inspected in the Amish tradition.

At Amish Hardwood Cabinets, no staples or nails are used in the making of these genuine Amish custom cabinets. Only pocket screws and glue are used to create the superior strength of each custom cabinet. Keeping with Old Order Amish tradition, no electricity is used in woodworking. A small diesel engine with a belt pulley system is used to operate tools used in the manufacturing of cabinets.

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